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Trevor A. Reece, Lead Pastor                   

“To Know Christ and To Make Christ Known”                                                                      Sunday Worship 10:15

Dear Church Family,

The last time we met together was Sunday March 8, 2020. On that Sunday no one would have imagined that
for the next three months we would not be able to worship together in the Sanctuary. Today we are excited to
announce that beginning Sunday June 07, 2020 we will begin worshiping together again in the Sanctuary.
Before we worship together again though we want to make you aware of some changes that we are making for
the safety of each of our members and guests. The changes are listed below and signage will be posted
around the Church property.

1. If you are feeling sick or uncomfortable with attending services at this time we will continue to share in
worship on Facebook Live.
2. There will be no Sunday School, or Junior Church until further notice.
3. Use non-contact greeting methods. We will not have a formal greeting time during service.
4. We will not be handing out bulletins at this time.
5. All the hymnals and Bibles in the pews have been removed. We encourage you to bring your own Bible
if you have one or to use a Bible App on your phone or tablet. The words for all songs will be projected
to the screen. If you would like to take a hymnal for personal use, you may do so. It will be yours to take
and bring on Sunday mornings.
6. There will be no Coffee or Snacks
7. We will not have a door greeter and the sanctuary doors will be opened 15 minutes before service
begins and will be opened as soon the service is over. (This is to avoid contact with the doors)
8. Hand sanitizer will be provided for all to use.
9. All are encouraged to wear masks at your discretion.
10. Please practice safe distancing when sitting in the sanctuary pews. Family units who have been
staying home together may sit closer together. Others should sit further apart. Please sit in alternating

Again these precautions have been put into place for the safety of all of us. Please feel free to direct any
concerns to Pastor Trevor or a member of the Administrative Council.

Yours in Christ,




Trevor A. Reece, Pastor 

Your Administrative Council: Mike Dippucio, John Frantz, Ken Brosey- Elders 
Dan Shoemaker, Chuck Lawrence Jr., Tim Guzman, Tony Eshleman - Deacon

(717) 426-1365

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